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The Making of Pasha

The Making of Pasha

Our Collaborators

Shining a spotlight on those who helped make Pasha possible.

There is a special energy at Pasha. The kind when vision, craftsmanship, and passion align to create something unique.

The result of this shared vision can be observed — and felt — in the details and and touches throughout the property.

“Pasha wouldn’t be possible without the unique talents of many professionals making Pasha a special place. All the details and little touches — behind this place is a group of people who deeply care about what they do.” – Cem

Below are the brilliant people who have brought Pasha to life.


Pasha wouldn’t be possible without the help of many professionals. We’d like to thank:

Lead Architect, Benjamin Garcia Saxe, for incorporating our vision with his talent;

Developer/Builder, Shmulik Selekter for helping us realizing our dream;

Project Engineer/Manager, Edgar Calvo, for always having a smile dealing with our endless questions;

Interior Architect & Designer, Yasmine Chatila, for beautifying Pasha and making it “delicious”;

Landscape Architect, Suner Villalta, for our beautiful gardens;

Architect, Cesar Coto, for many hours of online working sessions;

Architect, Helena Matter, for even more hours of online working sessions;

Detail Drawings, Sara Marche, for her keen eye for details;

Property Manager, Jenny Lotz, for being our eyes and ears on site and putting together a great team to manage Pasha;

Management Company, Andrea Bonilla and Hans Pfister, for helping us launch Pasha;

Accountant, Kevin Chavarria Obando and Elena Morales, for keeping a close eye on the expenses;

Lawyer, Maricela Alpizar, paving the legal path for us to build Pasha;

Moral support, Ric Scalzo, for being there for us (literally and figuratively).

We are grateful for all the hard work and passion of the people who gave their energy and time to make Pasha a reality.

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