The Time & Space for Nourishing Your Life

The Time & Space for Nourishing Your Life

Food + Drink at Pasha

Inspired By Blue Zone Living

Pasha is privileged to be located in one of the 5 Blue Zones of the world —where people live long, healthy lives.

Food plays a large part in this. At Pasha, we know how food ends up on your plate, because we personally know and support our local farmers and producers.

We choose to provide you with the freshest, highest quality ingredients all year-round. We source only grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken, responsibly caught seafood, and as many locally produced and organic fruits and vegetables as possible.

We invite you to embrace the Pasha Life, and create time and space for nourishing meals with your closest friends and family.

See below for all the Food + Drink options available to you at Pasha.


Breakfast is always Complimentary.

Days in paradise start with daily complimentary breakfast.

At Pasha, you can look forward to fresh tropical fruits, organic Costa Rican coffee, and a-la-carte breakfast favourites.

Our Complimentary Breakfast Menu is regionally inspired. It features sweet and savoury options, including Costa Rican seasonal delicacies. We also offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free breakfasts.

Let’s talk about coffee. Costa Rica is one of the biggest producers of single-origin coffee beans. That’s why, the kitchen is also equipped with an Espresso Machine and traditional pour-over coffee brewer.

Throughout the day, the kitchen is always stocked with organic coffee & tea. All complimentary.


Upon Request

Grocery Shopping Service

Let us stock the kitchen with your favorites.

Before your arrival to Pasha, simply send us your grocery shopping wish list. When you arrive, the kitchen will be stocked with your favorites —the fruit fresh, and the drinks cold.

During your stay, if you run out or would like anything special, let our Concierge know and we’ll take care of it.

*Please note: Grocery Shopping Service is not included in the rate



Upon Request

Private Cook at Pasha

Sit down to delicious, fully prepared meals.

How would you like to just lean back and have everyday meals prepared for you?

Upon request, our Private Cook will prepare light lunches and dinners for you. And of course, our cooks work with local farmers and producers, and will work with any and all allergies and dietary restrictions.

*Please note: The service of a Private Cook is not included in the rate


Upon Request

Professional Chef at Pasha

Savour excellence and enjoy a customized culinary experience with a private Chef.

Let our chefs propose a customized dinner party menu for you, from 2-3 course meals to an exquisite “Chef’s Table” tasting menu.

Services typically include all setup prep, cleanup and table service. In addition to providing bartenders and cocktail service for a complete culinary experience.

Of course, our Chefs work with local farmers and producers, and will work with any and all allergies and dietary restrictions.

*Please note: The service of a Professional Chef is not included in the rate

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