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Stewards Of This Land Since 2013

Stewards Of This Land Since 2013

People + Planet

Our Commitment to
People + Planet

“We fell in love with the land, the people,
and its culture.”

At Pasha Beachfront Estate, our goal is to positively impact our community, our employees, and their families’ lives, and provide you a glimpse of the Pura Vida life.

This is how we practice our commitment to sustainable development.

Gardener smiling at the camera, holding a green plant at Pasha Beachfront Estate



Leaving a Legacy of Positive Footprints

At Pasha, we aim to positively impact the surrounding community and ecosystems.

These are the ways we care about the planet:

  • Let’s talk about water. We have a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant. Thanks to this, treated water is used to irrigate the plants on the property.
  • Constructing as low-impact as possible. When we built Pasha, we utilized as many renewable materials as possible to ensure sustainable and low-impact construction.
  • We eat locally. At Pasha, we know and support our local farmers and producers. We source only grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken, responsibly caught seafood, and as many locally produced and organic fruits and vegetables as possible.
  • We don’t like plastic. You will not see single-use plastics at Pasha, and beach cleanups are conducted frequently in order to keep our beaches clean, beautiful and plastic-free.
  • We go beyond recycling. Sustainability is in our DNA. We follow the refuse, reduce, and reuse rule. Simultaneously, we maintain the highest standard in waste recycling programs, and programs to avoid waste.
  • We clean with environmentally friendly products. Pasha’s housekeeping team exclusively uses biodegradable cleaning products, and all guest bath amenities are biodegradable too.

Supporting Our Community

Everyday we try to make Santa Teresa, our home, a little better. Below are two organizations who are doing great work in our community. We fully support their efforts, and we’d love it if you would too.

Casa de Restauracion: They are building a children’s eco-village that offers relief to those who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and poverty. If you’d like to help them, visit their website
Futbol por mi país: Impacting social change and youth development through our countries most popular sport, football. Learn more about their work

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