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Travel Done Differently

Travel Done Differently

We’re a Proud Member of the Cayuga Collection

The Cayuga Collection is a group of award-winning sustainable hotels and luxury homes tucked away in the most incredible corners of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Our mission is to protect and preserve the surrounding communities and ecosystems. And enrich the lives of curious travelers, everywhere.

Winner of the Nat Geo Earth Changer Award

“The Cayuga Collection provides guests with a unique and high-quality travel experience based on a profound respect for nature and local communities.”

– Christiana Figures, Former Guest & ‘Architect’ of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement


Our Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Residences

We Are The
Cayuga Collection

Our luxury hotels are dotted all along Central America’s Pacific Coast, from Panama through Costa Rica’s Guanacaste in the North, and right up to Nicaragua.

Explore the Collection in Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua

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